I knew things needed to change. So I went on a journey.

I made a firm decision to get out of my own way. I got a personal growth coach (precursor to a life coach if you ask me). I made a commitment to tell the whole truth about how I was poisoning myself, what I was afraid of and what I was really feeling.

I left the partying life behind. I downsized my business. I lost 35 pounds, doubled my income, and let go of worry and guilt. I’m having way more “real” fun not the “manufactured” kind. I talk to the Divine every day listening for and receiving guidance in all things. It is like breathing for me. I live from a place of complete trust that all is for my good.

I am living – really living – the life I secretly had yearned for. There’s a peace and ease about my life I was once was too tired to even imagine. Prosperity comes from all sides in all kinds of crazy ways. I’m in love with my life and myself now.

Don’t get me wrong. Things are not all rainbows and money trees. And that is OK. I like this adventure in all its craziness. Especially now that I know that my Soul's Mission is to help
others live theirs.

KNOW THIS: You can do it! You only need to take the first step to begin to live the life only you are equipped to live-your Soul's Mission. Getting clear on what you love, letting go of the things that hold you back and letting your Soul help gives way to greater freedom, prosperity, peace, fun and love. Your NOW life.


Do you feel the pull? Do you feel expanded? Excited? A little scared but in a good way?

Check out my programs and retreats.

Trust your gut. Make the commitment. Let’s go. You’re ready.

Your Soul's Mission is waiting... NOW,