About Laurie Swanson

A Life Coach on a Soul’s Mission

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A champion of others. An explorer of fun. Spiritually-centered. An invincible thinker. These are just a few ways people describe Laurie Swanson.

Creator of the NOW™ approach, Laurie brings Nourishment, Optimism and Wisdom to people around the world encouraging everyone to not wait to align with their Soul's Mission. Her life story laid the perfect groundwork for Laurie to follow her Soul’s Mission as a life coach, speaker and author. Prior to following her life passion of helping others find their Soul’s Mission, Laurie served as one of Chicago’s top recruiters in the Information Technology space for 25 years. Laurie connected job seekers with new career opportunities and steadily grew her firm. This work serves her today as she mentors others in leaving behind soul-sucking work to live their Soul's Mission.

Laurie's Philosophy: Your Soul uses everything and wastes nothing. 

She is a long-time community advocate through her work with Junior Achievement, the local Chamber, city government, and local education.

She is also a woman who has done many brave things in her life, like giving up her "poisons" over two decades ago, starting her own business and putting her faith in her Soul, listening to what it was advising and following that guidance to step into her Soul’s Mission.

Through first-hand experience, she learned the role of setting boundaries, asking for support, having the courage to make real change, and leaving behind a scarcity mindset and a life filled with worry, guilt and fear. As she began to connect with her Soul, miracles began to occur: a new car and grand piano appeared (pictures of both items had been on her vision board), dreams suddenly came true (ask her about the Rottweiler dream), and unexplainable messages emanated from her CD player, emails arrived from internationally renowned Martha Beck, and a seagull on the beach revealed an astonishing epiphany (yes, you can ask her about these too).

An optimistic, knowledgeable and resourceful coach, Laurie's compassion for the struggles that hold people back from the best versions of themselves runs deep and wide. She is on a mission to help everyone live their Soul's Mission so that the world will become a more peaceful, joyful, prosperous and collaborative one. Laurie lives with her husband Dave and 2 teenage children in Wheaton, IL

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