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A Life Coach on a Soul’s Mission

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A champion of others. An explorer of fun. Spiritually centered. An invincible thinker. These are just a few ways people describe Laurie Swanson.

Laurie Swanson, the N.O.W. COACH, is a wife, mother, Martha Beck certified life coach, Passion Test Certified Coach and Certified Personnel Consultant with a 25-year career as the owner of her own boutique recruiting firm.

Laurie has done many brave things in her life. First and foremost, she finally gave up her poisons and got clean and sober over two decades ago. Laurie started her own business with 2 employees that grew to 10. She learned how to set better boundaries, ask for support, have the courage to make changes, and leave behind a scarcity mindset and a life filled with worry, guilt and fear. This mindset had been getting in the way of her living the life she has been yearning for as she laid in bed at night staring at her ceiling knowing in the quiet that the Divine had something better in mind for her.

Laurie began to explore this Divine Spirit and miracles began to occur. Miracles in the form of things (a new car and a grand piano that she had pictures of on her vision board were given to her no strings attached), of dreams (ask her about the Rottweiler dream) and unexplainable but now totally normal coincidences, synchronicities and messages from her CD player, emails from Martha Beck and a seagull on the beach (yes, you can ask her about these too).

Laurie's compassion for the struggles with poisons is deep and wide. She understands those poisonous solutions to feeling helpless. The over-drinking, over-spending, over-eating, over-analyzing, over-Xing behaviors while still-feeling-undernourished life. She also now knows the freedom of letting those kinds of solutions go in exchange for a life that offers greater peace, fun, freedom, prosperity and love.

Laurie is committed to helping others experience these sorts of things as well and live the life they have been yearning for...NOW.

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