Are you getting in your own way? Let’s change that up.


Passions + Personality + Talents + Skills + Know-How. Let's bring together all the parts of You. 


Are you letting in the guidance of your Soul's Wisdom? Receive it. Way more support is waiting just for you.


Find Your Passions and
Live Your Soul's Mission

The NOW™ Life: is a unique 8-week, online coaching program for accomplished people like you who are out of alignment with your Soul's Mission.  You know this because you are over-eating, over-drinking, over-spending, over-sleeping, over-analyzing, over-fill-in-the-blank. You feel work-weary and life-lethargic.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

You got that degree and found that job but you now feel like you are in job jail. Maybe you’re waiting for the kids to graduate to take action. Or maybe your target date is retirement or the day you have more money in the bank or … you see, the future is always a moving target.

You think that maybe – just maybe – things could be different. But you can’t see what “different” looks like or how to get there, So you wait... And you over-fill-in-the-blank... And then you wait some more... You wait and wait and wait to live your Soul's Mission...the work you are meant to be doing in the world.

Johnny Cash wasn’t meant to be a door-to-door salesperson.

Ellen DeGeneres wasn’t meant to be a house painter.

Joel Osteen was not supposed to spend his life behind the scenes running a camera

Steve Harvey was not meant to be homeless.

AND you weren't meant to be over-eating, over-drinking, over-spending in a job or a life you don’t love because you are out of alignment with your life’s purpose and disconnected from your Soul's Mission.

Become a singing sensation, a stand-up comic, a non-profit leader, a chef, an entrepreneur, a writer, or whatever the hell it is you want.


What Will We Do in THE Now™ Life?

Shine A Light

We will shine a light (tell the truth) on how you get in your own way. No more hiding. Your self-sabotaging thoughts and behaviors lose their power when they are no longer kept in the dark.

Nourishment Routine

We will create a Nourishment Routine that you can fall back on no matter what life brings. You will feel strong and confident.

Reframe Your Thoughts

You will learn how to reframe your thoughts and behaviors through the work of Byron Katie, Carol Dweck and others so that you choose thoughts and behaviors that empower you.

Meet Yourself

Along with the Passion Test, you will take StrengthFinders and Personality assessments, deepening your connection with who YOU are. 

Soul's Mission

We will develop your Soul’s Mission statement and further clarify the WHY of your life.

Soul Support

Through action and non-action you will experience the peace of letting your Soul help. No more struggle, fear, worry or guilt. Your Soul has your back always.

Here is how it works

  • Every week – for 8 weeks straight – we will meet over the phone as a group.

  • I will talk about the Mission of the Week and help you begin to live your Soul's Mission... Now.

  • There will always be time for some Q & A.

  • There will be a private Facebook Group just for your group to share successes, ask questions and support each other. I will jump in from time to time as well.

  • You will watch your self-sabotage slip away, gain clarity on your Passions and live your Soul's Mission.

If you want to make meaningful progress towards finding your Passions and Living Your Soul's Mission ... NOW

and you are tired of waiting for that perfect situation to change your current circumstances then sign up for THE NOW™ LIFE program today.

THE NOW™ LIFE: Find Your Passions and Live Your Soul's Mission

begins Fall 2017

Your Investment: $497

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