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The one and only NOW™ Coach, Speaker and Passion Chaser


  • Martha Beck-Certified life coach
  • Certified Passion Test™ Facilitator
  • Certified Personnel/Career Consultant
  • Successful entrepreneur
  • Difference-maker
No one leaves unchanged after Laurie Swanson steps on stage.

Laurie is the creator of the NOW™ approach – Nourishment, Optimism and Wisdom. She helps people align with their Soul’s Mission and discover their inner greatness.

Clearly see your next steps. Discover the work you love. Focus on the right things. Fire up your inner passions. 

Don’t wait to find your Soul’s Mission.

Your Soul's Mission might be in the corporate world, running your own business, being a caretaker or helping others in the nonprofit world. Laurie points out that it does not matter where. What matters is that you are clear on what your Soul's Mission is and that you are taking the right steps to dismantle the barriers that stand in your way of being your most authentic and genuine you. Do not let your Soul lie dormant. Give it a voice. Let it be heard. Follow it. Why? Because the world needs what you are uniquely qualified for, capable of and meant to be doing in the world!

When you lead with your Soul’s mission, the negative forces of ageism, racism and sexism disappear. You are left with exactly what you need and in the exact place where you are supposed to stand.

The most important job search you'll ever undertake is the search for your Soul’s Mission.

In her 30-minute talk Laurie teaches the audience about the 4 Stages of the Career Change Cycle and connects that to the next steps necessary to finding and living  their Soul’s Mission.

In her 90-minute Workshop each audience member takes the Passion Test™ and leave with credible, doable next steps towards living their Soul’s Mission!

“It takes courage to find your Soul’s mission. Been there, done that! Get clear on your Soul’s mission. Remove the barriers between you and your inner greatness. You’ve been busy building your education, skills, know-how, passions and experiences. Now bring them together with clarity, focus and joy!” - Laurie Swanson

BOLD STATEMENT THAT I BELIEVE: War, scarcity, negative thinking, poverty, crime, ageism, sexism, racism . . . if everyone lived their Soul’s mission, these things would not exist. They need not exist. Bring your Soul’s mission into your work, into your relationships and your everyday life. Be all you are intended to be. This time, for real.”- Laurie Swanson


CLARITY. Get clear on the work you were meant to do in this world.

JOY. Embrace the feeling that only comes from living your Soul’s Mission.

FOCUS. Invest your time and heart on the best and right things in work and in life.

SOULFUL ALIGNMENT. Be free and unencumbered to live your Soul’s mission.

PEACE. You are the only “you” in the entire world! Peace comes when your best “you” leads the way.

Laurie is the perfect speaker for executive-level business conferences, women’s groups, events celebrating recovering addictions, colleges and churches.

"I did the Passion Test at Laurie's "Find Your Soul's Mission:The Most Important Job Search You Will Ever Do workshop, and I was curious if the test would have any impact on me after the presentation. Wow, did it ever! I began taking giant steps toward my passion of being a more focused business owner by day and mother by night. Now, I’m attracting bigger projects, increasing my revenues and spending more thoughtful time at home. Laurie’s presentation reframed what my life could be."  -- Michele Kelly, President, Kelly+LoDestro Global Relations Ltd.  

In addition to her signature talk and workshop, Laurie tailors her speeches to those sitting in the seats. For speaking, media inquiries or to discuss topic ideas, ask for Laurie at (630) 260-7821.

“I challenge you to walk the truth. I dare you to dream and reach for the stars and create an awareness so poignant you feel life with all your senses. Here is your chance to begin to live your Soul’s mission. No more waiting." - Laurie Swanson
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